Gayle is a popular speaker at conferences and events around the country.  To view a sample presentation, simply click the play button on the video below. (Gayle's video will begin after a 15 second advertisement from GodTube.)




Speaking Topics:

Gayle's most popular speaking topics are listed below.  Please feel free to contact Gayle if you'd like to schedule her as a speaker for your upcoming event, or have questions about customized messages that are also available for your group.

Life's Little Interruptions
Just when we think we have things figured out, along come life's little -- or maybe big -- interruptions. Gayle will talk about how we as God's people should handle the disruptions so we benefit from them. 30-45 minutes. Inspirational.

Every choice we make has consequences, may have conflict and requires commitment. Gayle will discuss the Scriptural principles of making choices and how following these principles affects our lives. 1 hour.

An Adoption Story
In the adoption of their two sons, Gayle and her husband Chuck see a picture of God's provision for them spiritually and as a family. Recommended for Mother-Daughter banquets and Crisis Pregnancy fund raisers. 30-45 minutes.

Head to Toe
What does “present your bodies a living sacrifice” mean? Gayle will teach your group how to approach both the literal and figurative aspects of using our hands or our mouths or our eyes or our feet for the Lord. 1-5 hours.

Who Cares?
Drawing from her book of the same title, Gayle will consider biblical caring and why many of us don't practice it. Learn how to build mutually satisfying relationships. Based on the “one another” verses of the New Testament. 1-5 hours.

One Lovely Lady
The woman of Proverbs 31 models consistency in her emotions, her relationships, her responsibilities, and her faith. Guaranteed to make you listen in spite of the countless Mother's Day sermons you've heard. 1-5 hours.

Balancing Your Emotions
What are seven things that might give a woman difficulties with her emotions? Gayle will give you six keys to learning to control your ups and downs in spite of circumstances. Based on her book of the same title. 1-5 hours.

Contentment is agreeing with God that He knows what's best for us. Learn how to handle the enemies of contentment and how to be anchored in God and his plans for you. Based on her book Riding the Waves. 1-5 hours.


Audience Feedback:

“Practical, classy, classic -- that's Gayle.” --Christine Tangvald, writer, teacher, Spokane, WA

“Gayle's good, very good. It's like sitting down and having tea with her even though there are a hundred other women in the room.”  --Cindy Dorr, wife and mom, Glenmoore, PA

“The thing I like about Gayle is that she is practical and down to earth, a normal person.”  --Pam Hicks, pastor's wife, Downingtown, PA

“As a gifted speaker with a professional, easy-going manner, Gayle puts her audience at ease. She has the ability to encourage and entertain while providing solid teaching for her audience.”  --Susan Titus Osborn, editor, writer, Fullerton, CA

“Gayle is available, easy to connect with, and has a wonderful blend of caring and directness. In a straightforward manner she communicates material clearly based on Scripture with women from varied backgrounds and phases of life.” --Becky Dietz, pastor's wife, Brigham City, Utah

“Communicating biblical principles with refreshing candor, Gayle effectively identifies with the women of today. She combines strong biblical foundations with her personal and many times humorous experiences.” --Holly Hodne, pastor's wife, Belleville, NJ

“I thank Gayle for her light-hearted and deeply inspiring words. I appreciated her simple but wise points - especially the part about resting in the Lord.” --Melody Rossi, speaker, West Hills, CA

“I respect that Gayle remains professional in her presentation and demeanor. She addresses her subjects with clarity and does not ramble onto other topics. It's an excellent attribute.”  --Martha Van Der Linden, speaker, Raleigh, NC