Seaside Seasons

Special Delivery by Gayle RoperSpecial Delivery- A Seaside Romance Novella

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When Kelli accepts a package delivered to the wrong address, she gets a lot more than misdirected mail. With a lonely holiday weekend facing her, Kelli takes on the challenge of finding the proper recipient of the package wrongly delivered to her.

With help from the delivery man, Dane Cavanaugh—and her Great Dane, Charlie—what Kelli discovers will change more than she ever dreamed.

Aspiring novelist Dane volunteers to help with her investigation in hopes of sparking fresh ideas. Before long, he finds himself drawn to the feisty first-grade teacher and wondering about the shadows behind her eyes.

When Kelli’s investigation takes a dangerous turn, Dane is faced with the reality of his feelings—but is it too late?


The Boy Next Door featuring Gayle Roper

The Boy Next Door - A Novella Collection

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Five contemporary romance novellas from inspirational romance authors Gayle Roper, Lenora Worth, Susan Crawford, Kathleen Y'Barbo, Rene Gutteridge & Cheryl McKay

Featuring Special Delivery: A Seaside Romance by Gayle Roper

When Kelli accepts a package delivered to the wrong address, she gets a lot more than misdirected mail. She gets a mystery that brings the unexpected into her life in the form of the boy next door—and a threat they’ll only survive together. 


Seaside Gifts by Gayle RoperSeaside Gifts - A Seaside Romance

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Nan Patterson has finally found her niche: operating a boardwalk gift shop in the quaint beachfront town of Seaside.

Everything is perfect--until valuable items start just...showing up. At worst, they’ve been stolen and abandoned in her shop. At best, someone doesn’t realize they’ve lost them. Either way, Nan knows she’s out of her depth.

Time to call in the local police. Officer Rog Eastman has bigger worries than a bunch of misplaced treasures—but it is his job to help local shop owners. The fact that this particular shop owner is adorable doesn’t even come into the equation. Especially since he’s sworn off women for the foreseeable future.

But there’s an imp at work in the background. Someone who knows exactly what these two people need: each other!


Shadows on the Sand by Gayle RoperShadows on the Sand - Seaside Seasons Book 5

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She serves him breakfast at her cafe every morning … but he never seems to notice her.

Carrie Carter’s small cafe in Seaside, New Jersey, is populated with a motley crew of locals … although Carrie only has eyes for Greg Barnes. He’s recovering from a vicious crime that three years ago took the lives of his wife and children—and from the year he tried to drink his reality away. While her heart does a happy Snoopy dance at the sight of him, he never seems to notice her, to Carrie’s chagrin.

When Carrie’s dishwasher is killed and her young waitress disappears, Greg finds himself drawn into helping Carrie solve the mysteries … and into her life. But when Carrie’s own painful past becomes all to present, her carefully constructed world begins to sink.

Will the fragile relationship she’s built with Greg implode from the weight of the baggage they both carry?

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Rave Reviews:

“Gayle Roper’s mysteries get deeper and develop more tangled threads with each book. The characters and setting are so real I wanted to run out and help them. Happily ever after was in serious doubt. Very well done.” —Lauraine Snelling

“There’s nothing quite like a long-awaited vacation, especially when it’s served up with a Gayle Roper novel. Shadows on the Sand, a tale of faith, forgiveness, and fresh starts all wrapped in a captivating mystery, was just what I needed to return to the real world refreshed and inspired.” —Tamara Leigh

“With vivid, realistic characters and a tightly woven plot, Shadows on the Sand is a novel I couldn’t put down. The emotional ride stayed with me long after the last page. Highly recommend!” —Robin Caroll

“Shadows on the Sand is a rare mix of love story, spiritual warfare, and crime drama all rolled into one fabulous tale. Gayle Roper has once again created fascinating characters and a rich story that kept me up well into the night.” —Mark Mynheir


Winter Winds by Gayle RoperWinter Winds - Seaside Seasons Book 4
(A Christy Award finalist & Golden Quill winner)

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Bitter winds...
After a tragedy-riddled early life, Dori MacAllister has made a quiet place for herself on the West Coast, far from the landscape of her earlier heartbreaks. When she receives word that the man who raised her is gravely ill, she is drawn back to a place full of love and longing-and betrayal.

Winds of love...

Pastor Paul Trevelyan hasn't seen the woman he loves in six years. When he's given a second chance with her, he longs to make it work this time. The trouble is, if he doesn't win her back, it could cost him his job- and his happiness.

Winds of danger...

The charming town of Seaside now has its very own crime boss, and Officer Maureen Galloway would love to be the one to make charges stick. Her investigation leads to Dori MacAllister...but is Dori an accomplice or a victim? And why is pharmacist Phil Trevelyan so bent on getting in Maureen's way?

Rave Reviews:

“I loved this book and wanted to marry the characters off to my own kids!” - Colleen Coble

“Wow! What a book! I could not put it down. When I finished, I just wanted to say ‘Hallelujah’!” - Marilynn, OH


Autumn Dreams by Gayle RoperAutumn Dreams - Seaside Seasons Book 3
(RITA Award winner & Holt Medallion winner )

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Somewhere between wishes and reality lie Autumn Dreams  

They call it the “sandwich generation”. Daughter, sister, aunt, innkeeper, employer - but has Cass herself gotten lost in the crunch?

The proud proprietor of her own bed-and-breakfast in sleepy Seaside, New Jersey, Cass Merton is questioning her consent to care for her easygoing nephew and feisty teenage niece for a whole year while their parents work in the Middle East. 

Add Cass's four brothers, who don't take Dad's compulsive contest entries or Mom's increasing dementia seriously, and Dan Harmon, the intriguing finance and due diligence expert who arrives at SeaSong for an extended stay, and Cass's emotions swirl like the quickly rising hurricane fast approaching Seaside.

But every day cares aren't Cass's only problems. A troubled young employee unknowingly endangers her as well. An alarm sounds in the middle of the night, bullets fly, and a gunman takes Cass hostage.

What will become of Cass's Autumn Dreams?

Rave Reviews:

“I didn’t want to awaken from this Autumn Dream” -Patsy Clairmont

“Gayle has a way of writing and pulling you into the story.” - Nina, AZ


Summer Shadows by Gayle RoperSummer Shadows - Seaside Seasons Book 2
(An Inspirational Readers Contest Winner, Christy Award finalist, and RITA Award finalist)

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When Abby Patterson moves to Seaside, she witnesses a hit and run that injures a little girl. As the only one who could identify the driver of the hit and run car, Abby soon finds her life endangered. Her overly protective parents come to visit. And Marsh Winslow, her landlord, drives her crazy before she discovers she's become crazy for him.

Marsh anticipated that the librarian who rented the second floor of his beach front home would be a quiet, introverted spinster, perfect for the solitude he needed to write his novel. Instead he got Abby, and he's taken aback by all the confusion that swirls around her. Then he finds himself just plain taken with her.

Add to this Marsh's best friend, a movie star who wants to be a regular guy, and Abby's new best friend, the mother of the hit and run victim, and things get more complex.

As Abby struggles find a godly way to make her parents realize that they must release her, Marsh encourages her. As Marsh tries to find a way to regain his father's respect, lost when he chose to follow the Lord, Abby supports him.

Together they learn that even fractured lives can be made whole by God's grace.

Rave Reviews:

“Summer Shadows is a fantastic book: emotional, but not preachy, full of action as well as laughs-a book I had to force myself to put down long enough to make dinner, then again when bedtime was long past and work the next morning was looming.” - Lisa, Scribes World


Spring Rain by Gayle RoperSpring Rain - Seaside Seasons Book 1 

(A Christy Award finalist and Award of Excellence winner)

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Seaside, New Jersey. Small town, USA, where everyone knows everyone else's business…or thinks they do.

Even so, there's nowhere else Leigh Spenser would rather live, nowhere she'd rather raise her young son Billy. It's taken a lot of work, but Leigh has finally put memories and rumors to rest and found peace in Seaside.

Then Clay Wharton comes home.

Clay's estranged twin Ted - Leigh's closest friend - is dying of AIDS. Even resentments and bitterness won't keep Clay from his family now. Leigh will just have to avoid him to make certain Clay never discovers her secret.

It's not until Billy's life is in danger that Leigh and Clay discover the answers they've been looking for all their lives. Answers they can only find together.

A powerful, moving drama of family conflict, social issues, redemption and God's unparalleled forgiveness.

Rave Reviews:

“A heartwarming story that doesn't shy away from tackling tough subjects like homosexuality and promiscuity. Ms. Roper handles them with grace and compassion, never compromising the hope-filled truth of God's Word while giving us a bang-up tale of romantic suspense!” - Liz Curtis Higgs