A Widow's Journey by Gayle RoperA Widow's Journey: Reflections on Walking Alone
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Have you recently lost your husband? Are there days when you feel so terribly alone—and that no one else could possibly understand? Gayle understands.

As a recent widow herself, Gayle writes: So who am I now that there’s only one place at the table…one pillow with a head dent, one damp towel after a shower. There’s only one toothbrush in the holder. The seat is never left up anymore. I can still write Mrs. in front of my name, but I’m no longer in a marriage relationship. You need two people for a marriage and there’s only me.

Is there only you? Then join Gayle as she draws on her emotions during the loss of her beloved husband, Chuck, and offers you a compassionate devotional to encourage you through your darkest days. Gayle knows a widow’s pain is deep. But she also knows God’s love is deeper still. And it’s in His love you’ll find your deepest comfort.


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Emotions by Gayle RoperA Woman and Her Emotions : What Every Woman Needs to Know

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As a woman, you have a unique relationship with your emotions. Are you living in emotional chaos or emotional consistency?

Looking at everything from hormonal fluctuations to ever-changing daily living patterns, A Woman and Her Emotions helps you identify your responses to the ups and downs of life. It’ll help you identify unhealthy motives and thinking that may be affecting your emotional well-being. 

This book will show you how to:

  • Establish Christian values
  • Set reasonable, achievable goals
  • Distinguish between real and assumed guilt
  • Develop healthy daily patterns
  • Establish other practical and positive behaviors
  • Commit all of yourself, including your emotions, to Christ


Rave Reviews:

"A Woman and her Emotions was really helpful and timely for me. I liked it so much, that I suggested it to my girl's Bible Study group, and now we are all reading it!" -Kelly, MD


The Grandmother%27s Bible contributions by Gayle RoperThe Grandmother's Bible  - (Gayle Roper is a contributor to this book)

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With a year’s worth of devotions by women such as Ruth Graham, Elisa Morgan, and Elizabeth George, special Saturday and Sunday devotions, and a wealth of articles, prayers, and other features, the Grandmother’s Bible gives guidance and encouragement for today’s active grandmother to instill a legacy of love, acceptance, faith, and character in her grandchildren.



Riding the Waves by Gayle RoperRiding the Waves

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“I have learned to be content,” wrote Paul many years ago. If Paul could learn to be content, then what a joy it is to realize there's hope for us as well.

Gayle Roper shows women how to find contentment by agreeing that what God has provided for us is sufficient for his purposes for us.

God's peace and contentment can be ours - but as his blessings were conditional to Israel, contentment is conditional to us. If we learn to recognize the enemies of contentment like envy, loneliness, and ungratefulness, we can replace them with the anchors of contentment like godly choices, obedience, and dependence.

Rave Reviews:

“After Bible Study today the women were just EFFUSING with Riding the Waves just gets better every week...I'm so glad we decided to study this book...the scriptures she chose for the questions today were so perfect...etc. etc. etc." - Deb, MO