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Gayle answers a few of your frequently asked questions!

What inspires you to write?

What three books should everyone read?

Who is the most influential person in your writing career?

Describe a typical work day.


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Short Stories:

For quick reads I invite you to check out one or all of the four short stories below. Two, “Only Fourteen Days” and “The Test”, were written for compilations of short stories called The Storyteller’s Collections, Books 1 and 2.

The third, “Best Laid Plans”, was written with a group of writer friends to show that using the same 5 elements, we would all tell very different tales. The book is called What the Wind Picked Up, and the elements were the same opening and closing lines, mistaken identity, a nationally known place, and a strange means of transportation.

The fourth, “A Crown of Life”, is Daniel and the lion’s den from the imagined perspective of his wife. I wrote it as part of a requirement for a seminary course in the minor prophets. All the guys in the class were busy making end times charts and the like. I wrote a story.


Book Clubs:

I know a lot of you are involved in book clubs. I’d love it if, when you read one of my titles, we have a phone discussion at your meeting. We can talk about why I wrote the book, you can ask me questions about it or about writing or about my family or about life in general and knowing Jesus in particular. My husband will tell you that I have opinions on almost everything! E-mail me about such a conversation, and I’ll get right back to you so we can make specific plans.


Autographed Books:

To order autographed copies of some of my most popular titles, be sure to visit my books page at

Or, if you would like a signed book plate for one of my books, just drop me an e-mail, and I’ll get one off to you right away. I’ll throw in a Gayle Roper pen too.